Robin Albedo likes you already.

A Seattle-based escort, companion, and psychedelic medicine guide. Your partner in adventures of the body and of the intellect. Let me reflect your light back to you.

Hi. I’m Robin.

I have always had a drive to experience as much as possible, to learn everything, to taste everything. That’s what led me to become a scientist: I wanted to discover answers to questions beyond current knowledge. But instead of expanding my world, the academic path contracted it. I followed the rules and took no risks; cloistered doing my research, I was missing out on everything else life has to offer.

Including the most thrilling and complex and joyful part of life: people! True connection with my fellow humans in their “infinite diversity in infinite combinations.” The mutual understanding and caring we all need.

Now unleashed from the ivory tower, I’ve become an adept builder of connections, creating authentic intimacy with each new friend and lover.

Let’s see, touch, and taste the world together. Let’s become each other’s fascinating experiment.


Personality: Novelty-seeking introvert. Curious, earnest, contemplative, and enthusiastic. In social situations, open, approachable, and reassuring. Playful about serious matters and serious about play. Authenticity is important to me.

Education: PhD. Yes, you can call me “doctor.”

Height: 5’4″

Size: Small / 34D

Let’s talk about: Science, philosophy, political economy, psychology, technology and society, all that jazz. I am a nerd, so don’t hold back if you want to discuss comics, board games, or D&D. Or even better, your desires, your hopes and dreams, or that secret you can’t wait to get off your chest.

Hobbies: Travel, language learning (French, ASL, Japanese), attending arts and culture events, reading, baking, board game design, meditation, hiking, dancing (albeit not skillfully).