FAQ and etiquette

Although every escort has slightly different policies (so please read the rest of this page for mine), there are some basics you’re expected to know before contacting us. If you act in keeping with those expectations, the escort will be reassured and the process will be more efficient and comfortable for everyone, whereas if you don’t adhere to those basics, the escort may feel concerned about whether you’re safe to see.

So, regardless of whether you’re new at this or you’ve been seeing escorts for years, I ask that you familiarize yourself with the following articles.

My policies are intended to protect your safety as well as mine, so please follow them scrupulously!

  • Email and text communication are for booking purposes only, not for companionship or entertainment.
  • Everyone must screen with proof of identity and proof of employment (see my “book me” page for details). P411 membership may serve in lieu of proof of employment if you have recent “okays” from established providers.
  • If you include lewd, explicit, or suggestive content in your written messages (text or email), I will not be able to see you. This includes acronyms that refer to sexual acts, like “BJ,” “PSE,” or “MSOG.”
  • Please place your offering in an unsealed envelope in a visible location at the beginning of our date. I very strongly prefer cash; I use CashApp for deposits only. If we are meeting in public, you can conceal the offering in a book, greeting card, or gift bag.
  • No taking photos or videos that show my face. I’m happy to pose for photos with my face covered by a fan, pillow, or mask.

Discretion is my middle name! Unfortunately, there are some no-good folks out there, so screening and deposits have become standards in the escorting industry. I take your privacy very seriously, and I use a variety of methods to protect it (e.g., transferring identifying information only via my encrypted, Switzerland-based ProtonMail account). If you are uncomfortable sending your screening and deposit electronically, I offer a 15-minute in-person screening for an additional fee of $100.

I share an incall with another luxury provider. We are located about ten minutes’ drive southeast of downtown Seattle, with plenty of street parking nearby. Hotel incall is sometimes possible if you prefer.

I never expect gifts; after all, my job is to serve you! But if it brings you pleasure, I will graciously accept. I don’t drink alcohol or soda, but I love seltzer. As for gifts, you can find ideas on my wishlist.

Yes! I’m all about kissing and cuddling, nights out on the town, cooking dinner together and playing board games, and giving impromptu lectures on research design … er, I mean offering care and support. If that’s the kind of thing you picture when you hear GFE, then count me in!

I connect with almost everyone I see professionally, so if I went on “off the clock” dates, I would have no business! That’s why my policy is that no matter how much I like you—and I do like you—all time we spend together will be for my professional services and will be compensated.

I’ve found that the less time I spend in the presence of screens, the better my well-being. So I generally don’t offer online work or “virtual GFE.” Text and email communication are for booking only, not for companionship or entertainment. (You are entertaining, I promise. I’d just rather enjoy your company in person.)

On rare occasions, I may consider social phone calls with trusted friends (those I have met multiple times and who have demonstrated a strong understanding of boundaries). My rate for these calls is $150 per half hour.

Heck yes! I love duos. Some of my favorite duo partners are Tara Mei and Em Li, but I have plenty of other lovely colleagues. As is standard, please offer each of us our usual rates.

Yes, with relish! Please see my offerings page for more details.

Just enter your email address on the “book me” page for monthly updates and a photo or two.